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We are based in the beautiful city of Paphos in Cyprus. We are WDSolution, a web designing and developing group of freelancers who have join forces to provide the best results. We focus in the develop and implementation of web technologies in various ways. We also providing services in marketing, web promotion and search engine optimization (SEO) with results that will amaze you. We are the solution in your troubles and we can be your adviser to avoid future issues. We are an energetic and vibrant team and we love to challenge the ideas of the norm, to create unique solution based websites in order to sky-rock your online presence.They all offer solutions. Creative and innovating solutions few and we are among them!
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Web Design


Create your own visual style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.



Great web design without functionality is like a sports car with no engine.



It is not the job of SEO to make a pig fly. It is the job of the SEO to genetically re-engineer the web site so that it becomes an eagle.



Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room....

  • Gather Requirements

    This is about making sure we understand exactly what your requirements are. We schedule a meeting and we sit together, face to face or online and we discuss your needs and demands. On the back of these meetings our team will put together the proposal with variations. This serves as both the basis of the agreement between the two companies and the blueprint for the future of the site.

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  • Visual Concept

    Once the proposal has been agreed, we will proceed to the next step which is the visual concept. Visual concept is the area of the design and it is responsible to establish the look and feel of the website. Our team will use the information which already gathered, to produce clean, innovating and eye-catching design that express the ethos of you or your company in clear visual language. You will be offered more than one variant to choose the one you like best.

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  • Architecture of the Website

    Site architecture is blueprint of the website. Here we are thinking through the structure of the site from the user’s point of view to produce a definitive site map. The aim is to create a well structure website which will allow the user to easily arrive to the their target sub-page.

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  • Product the Website

    Once the visual concept and site's architecture are in place we will begin producing the graphical themes. These designs are then turned into a live version of the basic graphical interface. That's a site you can click around, but which doesn't do anything more than that.

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  • Website Development

    Production stage is the development of the functioning website. At this point that the more complex programming is done. The work will be carried out on one of our development servers and successive iterations will be available for you to test and review.

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  • Test for Bugs and Fix them

    This is the final stage. In this stage we have the website ready and we are focusing our attention on testing the website for bugs, errors and security. Afterwards and if we find any issue we are fixing it and proceed to the official delivery of the website. This is the time for the owner to

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Credibly incentivize customer directed benefits through cross media mindshare functionalized innovation without backend markets.

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